*Lifted from the seminar: “ABC of Structured Teaching (TEACCH)” by: Erlinda U. Koe, President, Autism Society of the Philippines.

Structured Teaching - based on principles of TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped CHildren)

Structured teaching is not a curriculum but a framework in which vocational, social and living skills are taught. It is a system for organizing space, change of activities with schedules, work study systems to facilitate learning process, and material organization to promote independence.

Structured learning helps the child to understand, be calm, organize, learn better, and become independent.

Major components of structured teaching:

Physical Structure 
It is the physical lay-out of room or space for teaching, working, leisure 
or living activities.
Concept for where activities and functions take place.

Daily Schedule 
Tells students sequence of events during the day
Concept of when and what the activity will be.
Teaches flexibility.

Individual Work System
Systematic way to inform students of what they should do while in their 
independent work areas.

Task Organization 
Organization of materials that provides visually clear guidelines on 
positional relationship between parts and tasks completion.

The TEACCH program is designed to facilitate the education of special children both in the classroom and in the home. It is a complete program of services which makes use of several techniques, of several methods in various

combinations depending upon the individual person's needs and emerging capabilities.

It can also be applied in leisure activities, workplace or other daily living activities.

It can be adapted to different levels of developmental function and individual

needs to overcome or neutralize deficits and prevent behavior problems.

Its purpose is in modifying or structuring the environment to accommodate

learning deficits to improve level of skill using special interests.

“For most people with autism to achieve their potential for community living and

effective functioning, structured teaching strategies should be an

integral part of their educational environment”

Dr. Eric Shopler, TEACCH Division, University of North Carolina.