Source: Leah R. Reyes, M.A Ed.

Individualized Educational Program

We at Bridges provide an Individualized Educational Program for each student, focusing on the uniqueness of their needs in all aspects of development. It includes the child's present level of academic / functional performance and measurable annual goals.
The IEP process is formulated thru:

I. Reviewing of existing records, documents and latest diagnostic and therapy evaluation and reports.

II. Assessment and Filling up BRIDGES Assessment Scale

  1. Formulation
    1. Prioritizing areas of concern in all aspects of development
    2. Drawing out the goals

During the initial case team conference where the IEP is presented a multi disciplinary team sits down to deliberate on the child’s annual goals. Furthermore, it is in this meeting that each team member’s cooperation and collaboration is sought from for the implementation of the IEP. The multi-disciplinary team is composed of the child’s parents, professionals such as the regular and/or special education teacher, developmental pediatrician, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist, and other persons directly involved in the development of the child.
In the process of the IEP planning, each of the members considers the parents’ concerns for their child's education. IEPs also include other pertinent information found necessary by the team, such as the communication needs of the child, health, medical concerns and behavior issues for some students.