Regular Activities

Family Empowerment

Care giver's workshops

The Yayas are acknowledged as key partners in the child's education and thus undergo caregiver's workshops at least twice a year. They also observe and assist in their wards' class on a scheduled basis.

Parent Education

Parents are encouraged to collaborate with teachers and specialist regarding their children's IEPs, especially during Case-Team Conferences. Quarterly Parents Education Activities update

parents on the education and care of their special children.


The school conducts workshops for the siblings of its special children.

These workshops are fondly called Bridgelings. Twice a year, siblings of

Bridge students gather to share their experiences. Bridgelings 

participants are also trained to support their parents in educating and

taking care of their special siblings.

Home Visit

Home visits enable teachers to guide families in

implementing home programs for their special children

Parents have scheduled monthly class observation.

They are asked to write their comments and suggestions

in feedback forms.

Regular Observation

Basic seminars are provided for parents and staffs for them

to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that they need.

Basic Seminars

Case-Team conference is conducted regularly to talk about

the needs and improvements of the child.

Case-Team Conference

Staff Development



Raya collaboration

Field Trips

Sagip-Kalikasan / Stuff-It-Challenge

SM Exhibit

Autism Society of the Philippines

Giving to the poor in the community